Physiotherapy is an evidence-based health profession concerned with the assessment and treatment of disability, poor or underperformance, control and alleviation of pain, restoring normal movement and optimising function. In the performance animal physiotherapy can improve biomechanics and athletic ability and as with human physiotherapy treatment, aid in rehabilitation following orthopaedic, neurological or general surgery, in muscle, tendon or ligament injuries or skeletal fractures and with chronic conditions like osteoarthritis. 


Fursman Physiotherapy is pleased to offer leading private human and veterinary physiotherapy practice (equine and canine) to those in Somerset and the South West. The practice was first established within the Midlands, but has now moved to Axbridge in Somerset and covers an area including Wells and all of the South West region, as well as covering the existing clinic base in the Midlands.
Molly is qualified to treat both humans and animals, specialising in equine rehabilitation and treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. Molly boasts an experienced team, comprising of Kat Clarke and Zellah Theobald, who have a passion for equine, canine and human rehab and treatment. Molly is a Chartered Physiotherapist and Cat A ACPAT member and is registered/regulated by the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy (CSP), Health Professionals Council (HPC) and the Association of Chartered Physiotherapy in Animal Therapy (ACPAT). 
Choosing a Chartered Physiotherapist ensures you are receiving treatment from a physiotherapist that has trained through a fully accredited veterinary course.


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